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I’m Jonathan Twombly, and I’d like to thank you for downloading your Ultimate Checklist to Buy Your First 100+ Multifamily Property With Other People’s Money - And Get Paid To Do It!
It’s on its way to you right now.

While you wait for it to hit your email, I’ve got some important information for people who want to achieve financial freedom even faster. But only if you’re serious about multifamily real estate investing.

But first, an introduction. I’m a full-time multifamily real estate investor, and you may know me from podcasts like Bigger Pockets, Jake & Gino, Joe Fairless and many others. Or from my free Facebook group, the Multifamily Investment Community, with more than 8,000 members.

I’m also the host of the Real Estate Launchpad Podcast, and creator of Multifamily Launchpad - the only real estate education platform to eliminate high-priced “coaching.” So your money can go into real estate deals, not some guru’s pocket.

Now, once you’ve read through your Ultimate Checklist, you’ll know all the steps for buying large apartment complexes with other people’s money, also known as “syndication.”

But you may have questions about specific steps in the process.

You may want to dig deeper into some of the topics to really learn them inside and out.

You may need someone in your corner to help you understand the process better and give you a push when you need it.

You may want access to a community that can support you, share their experiences, and help you reach your goals.

You may want to accelerate your progress toward financial freedom at an even faster rate.
If that’s you, then the brief video above may be exactly what you need right now.

Just watch it now to see how you can take what’s inside your Ultimate Checklist to a whole new level, and faster than you previously imagined.

I’ll see you on the inside!

~ Jonathan Twombly

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