Why do investment pros prefer multifamily real estate as an asset class?

Why do investment professionals prefer multifamily real estate (MFRE) as an asset class? MFRE has stood the test of time for serious investors because it offers a unique combination of strong returns and relatively low risk, compared with other assets. Even in times of economic distress, like the recent Great Recession, MFRE has held, if not increased, its value.

In this lesson, we will cover what makes MFRE such a great asset to own; some different strategies for making money with MFRE; and why we believe that a buy and hold strategy is the best for a prudent investor.

Why do you need to know these facts and figures? After all, you’re already convinced that MFRE is a great asset to buy and hold – that’s why you’ve invested in this course! The reason is that you will soon start needing to convince others how great MFRE is and why they should invest with you. So you’ll need to have the facts and figures at hand to put your best foot forward.

Lesson 1 Action Steps 

(1) Have a pen & your notebook ready to take notes and write down questions for the Facebook group or monthly Q&A call.

(2) Make a list of all the reasons you want to learn to invest in MFRE.