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Multifamily Launchpad

An exclusive community that gives you not just the INFORMATION you need to get started in Multifamily Real
Estate Investing, but also the ACCESS to people, resources and insight you need to achieve actual success.

Membership Includes:

  • FAST Answers to your most pressing Multifamily questions
  • Practically daily access directly to ME inside our private FB group
  • LIVE group coaching calls and valuable new lessons EVERY month
  • 4 LIVE Mastermind Days with me and my guest experts
  • FREE: 60+ videos in my comprehensive investment program (previously sold for $4,997)
  • FREE: my deal analyzer, deal-tested letter of intent, and checklists for every step
  • Instant access to everything!


I’m Jonathan Twombly. Founder of Multifamily Launchpad. If you’re reading this now, I can only assume it’s because you want to learn how to buy apartment buildings, and maybe even how to get investors to pay you to do it – i.e., “syndication.”

Let’s face it, breaking into multifamily real estate has never been easy. But, right now, in this tight market, it’s harder than ever. 

If brokers even respond to new investors, they don’t show you the good deals. Sellers want proof of funds just to talk with you. Lenders ignore you unless you’re already worth millions. And passive investors won’t trust you without an established track record.

That state of affairs is the “New Investor Catch-22”: no one will deal with you because you haven’t already bought a multifamily property. And you can’t get your first property, because no one will deal with you.

It’s always been there.  But it’s worse now than ever before, because of the current real estate market.

Now, I know exactly how frustrated it feels being caught in the New Investor Catch-22.  Because I also started with no net worth or track record. Trying everything I could to break through, and just spinning my wheels. Watching from the bench as others bought the good deals and got ahead of me.

Escape the “New Investor Catch-22” As I Did

But, then, I cracked the code. 

In just 11 months, I raised almost $6 million from investors and bought 404 units worth more than $17 million. Suddenly brokers were calling me with deals. Investors were asking to join my next deal.

 It’s because real estate is all about relationships. 

The art of getting started is learning how to get brokers, sellers, lenders, and investors to know, like – and most importantly, trust you. That comes down to credibility. 

And believe it or not, even newbies can show credibility – if you understand how.

Once I figured it out, I created an in-depth video course covering the entire process. From just getting started without knowing anything, through scaling a large investment business with thousands of units. 

And everything in-between. 

In the past, the only way to get this material was to join my small-group coaching program, which cost up to $4,997 each. But, keep reading, because I’m going to show you how you can get the new, updated, expanded, and improved version of this program for free.

What Would It Be Like To Get the
 Results You Really Want?

I have to say honestly that this offer is not  for everyone. If you’re already getting the results you want in your multifamily investment business, you don’t need this. Read no further. 

But if you’re not getting the results you want right now, then hear me out for just a minute. 

Because I want to invite you into a special group called Multifamily Launchpad, or as I call it MFL. 

MFL is a curated community giving you access to the right people, right tools, right resources, and right answers, right when you need them. So, you, too, can break into multifamily real estate even in a tough market.

Just imagine: everything you need in one place. 

No more struggling to find answers, because it’s not just another boot camp or course. Because we both know that most boot camps and courses are complete BS. Usually, they’re just commercials for $40,000 “coaching” programs. 

And, even when they’re not just commercials, they’re just more information.

More Information Isn’t the Answer.
You Need Access to Real Experience and Insight

If you’re reading this now, you’ve probably already realized that more information isn’t the answer. There’s unlimited free information on Google. If real estate success were just a matter of information, you’d already be getting the results you want.


Like most people, you’ve realized that despite all the free information out there – or maybe BECAUSE of it – it’s harder to break into multifamily real estate than ever.

You don’t need more information. 

You need access to insight. Insight is about applying information to circumstances to get the result you want. Insight comes from experience. 

And if you don’t have the experience yourself, then to get the insight you need, you must get access to other people’s experience.

It’s my highest priority to make sure you have direct access to me, other industry leaders, and hundreds of fellow investors so you can network, share ideas and get answers to virtually any question you might have quickly. So you can go beyond mere information, and get access to experience. 

And insight.

"I highly recommend Jonathan’s class to anyone who felt the way I felt – confused, with so much information, but not knowing how to apply it. [MFL] is really going to fill in all the blanks for you and will answer all your questions.”

Jen Brown, MFL Member

I put the Multifamily Launchpad community together so those important interactions could happen easily. Inside MFL, you get practically daily interaction with me, where I answer your questions on the spot. 

No more searching and guessing - your most pressing questions get answered fast. 

You also get monthly group calls with me, where I answer your questions and keep you updated on what’s working so you can get the best results too. 

I help you cut through the noise, so you can take action.

In addition, every month, you get a valuable new lesson from me – a solution to a tough member problem, a new investing insight, expert interviews, and more. All designed to help you move your real estate business forward, whether that means finding better deals, getting investor money, making your existing buildings more profitable, or paying less tax.

And, as part of your membership, you get 4 Mastermind Days a year, where I assemble top experts to give you their insights, and you can network with other MFL members. All sessions are video-taped, so even if you miss a mastermind, you can still get all the insights.

There’s so much value packed into MFL that you may find yourself checking in daily just to see what you can learn today. That’s what most members are doing practically every day.

“I can honestly say [Mastermind Day] was the most productive and informative multifamily event I’ve ever attended.”

Garfield Stewart, MFL Member

Get Access to Real Experience and Insight
from Me and Hundreds of Investors 
Already Inside MFL

MFL really is THE community for the most ambitious future stars of the multifamily business, which is why hundreds have already joined. 

I love these people and I think you will too. 

So, whether you’re just starting out, you want to move up from single-family rentals to apartment buildings, or you have a few hundred units already and you’re looking to grow your portfolio even bigger, then you’re definitely in the right place.

Now, as I said, MFL may not be for you, and that’s perfectly fine. But if you think MFL could be your tribe, then you should consider this invitation seriously.

Access to this special community is just $197 a month – a screaming deal considering the access and insight you get inside. 

And because it’s monthly, should you ever need to stop, you can simply cancel with just one click, and never be billed again.

Now, to sum up, inside Multifamily Launchpad, you get: 

  • Instant access to insight that can change the course of your multifamily real estate business. 
  • Direct interaction with me practically every day. 
  • Valuable new lessons every month.
  • Live monthly execution calls with me.
  • Quarterly live Mastermind Days, with top guest expert speakers.
  • Recordings of every monthly call ever held inside MFL.
  • Recordings of all past Live Mastermind Days.
  • The hassle-free cancellation policy. 
  • Immediate entry to the community

All for just $197 a month, if you join now.

PLUS, My $4,997 Multifamily Investment Course FREE

Oh, and, there’s one last thing.

Remember I told you there was a way to get the new, expanded, and improved version of my comprehensive Multifamily Real Estate Investing course – the one people paid up to $4,997 to access – for free? 

Now, this course isn’t a mere roadmap that you have to read and figure out. 

It’s more like a GPS navigation system that takes you to multifamily real estate investing success by the fastest route possible. 

Because it guides you through the concrete details of each and every step you need to go from just getting started through building a multifamily empire with thousands of units.

If you join MFL, then you get unlimited free access to all 60+ videos as long as you’re an MFL member. 

Plus, as an MFL member, you get practically daily access to me to answer any and all questions you have about the course in real time inside our private Facebook group.

And the professional deal analyzer, letter of intent, checklists and other critical tools that are a part of the course are yours to keep forever, even if you leave MFL.

The Real Experience and Insight
Packed into My $4,997 Multifamily Investing Course – Which You Get Free as An MFL Member

So far in my multifamily real estate investing career I’ve:

~ Gotten started, with 404 units in 11 months – without a track record to lean on

~ Syndicated numerous deals, collectively worth tens of millions of dollars

~ Lost deals on the verge of closing because lenders pulled out

~ Raised millions in passive investor equity

~ Lost deals because I couldn’t raise the equity

~ Selected great property managers

~ Selected bad property managers, had to fire them, and had to deal with the lenders in the replacement process

~ Operated properties that went sideways in every way imaginable – many completely avoidable if I had access to experienced mentors

~ Managed wildly successful syndication deals

~ Gone full cycle, sold properties, and closed out syndications to very happy investors

That experience formed the basis of my original investment course and the new, expanded, and improved version you get free inside MFL. In that course, you learn:

  • The single most important metric in selecting an investment market, and where to learn if your market lacks it for free. (Without it, I won't even look at a deal, no matter how good it seems, because this metric makes it a long-term loser.) (Module 2, Video 4)

  • The submarket factor that guarantees you'll get the best tenants into your property. (HINT: it has nothing to do with the property itself, the management, the amenities, etc.) (Module 2, Video 5)

  • How to understand market cycles - and the investor psychology behind them. (This psychology explains why new investors often buy high, sell low, and lose their investments - and this video explains how to avoid this fate.) (Module 2, Video 3)

  • The 5 critical steps you must take BEFORE you contact a new broker, if you want them to take you seriously. (The way most people learn broker outreach ignores these steps and might as well be called "How to fail with brokers.") (Module 3, Video 3)

  • How to eliminate your worry about financial underwriting and analyze deals like a pro. (Even if you hate math and are terrible with spreadsheets.) (Module 4)

  • How to win bids in any market conditions (and still stay conservative so you don't overpay). (Module 5)

  • How to conduct proper due diligence, so you don’t miss the red flags that could mean you’re buying a career-ending money pit. (Module 6)

  • How to ensure you can always qualify for a commercial mortgage, regardless of your personal financial condition. (Meet the lender’s net worth requirements even if you lack the net worth yourself.) (Module 7, Video 3)

  • Why you should never approach lenders directly. (And why having this person on your team will get you the best terms and make your life easy during the onerous lender due diligence process.) (Module 7, Video 6)

  • Syndicating deals: the one thing you must do to ensure you have enough investor funds to close any deal you find. (Module 8, Video 6)

  • How to do a syndication legally - and avoid the certain bankruptcy that would occur if you got caught doing it incorrectly. (Module 8, Video 4)

  • Why most people do Section 1031 exchanges wrong, and what you should do instead. (Module 9, Video 4)

  • Why the transition to your ownership is a dangerous time for your property. (Ignorant mistakes new investors make at the transition can dig such a big hole that you might never climb out.) (Module 10, Video 3)

  • How to find the best managers in a new market and avoid the worst ones. (Learn the precise questions that separate out the right manager for your property from the pretenders.) (Module 1, Video 7)

  • The single most important focus you must have to scale a sustainable real estate business. (It's something I missed, and it really harmed my business, but I focus on it relentlessly now.) (Module 11)

  • And so much more!

 . . . I learned more in Jonathan’s module 1 videos than I’ve learned in any seminar or 3-day boot camp.

Bobby Rizzo, MFL Member

"I’ve tried my hand at MF investing. I couldn’t get past dealing with brokers. And, yes, I have taken several courses including [a prominent guru’s] 3-day boot camp. After week 1 of your course, I now know why I couldn’t get anywhere with brokers."

Rusty Symes, MFL Member

Keep These Valuable Resources as My Free Gifts to You, Even If You Leave Multifamily Launchpad

My complete $4,997 multifamily investment course (which you get free inside the MFL member site as long as you’re a member) also comes with some incredibly valuable resources to help you in your investment business:

  • My underwriting template, which takes the guesswork out of financial analysis and makes it easy to underwrite like a pro, even if you’ve never done it before.

  • Downloadable checklists for every stage of the investment process, so you don't miss something critical that could cause you to lose money.

  • The actual Letter of Intent (LOI) I use in my deals, along with its due diligence checklist, in MS Word form so you can use it on your own letterhead. (This LOI locks the seller into your terms and due diligence requirements before you even start negotiating a contract, and would cost you $1,000s to have a lawyer draft for you.)

    These resources are yours to download and keep for free, even if you leave the Multifamily Launchpad community.

"Jonathan’s syndicated deal analyzer] is helping a lot more
than other analyzers I have.””

Angel Moreno, MFL Member

What’s NOT Inside MFL

Just as it’s important for you to know what’s inside Multifamily Launchpad, you need to know what’s NOT inside before you join as well.

You probably noticed that, at just $197/month, a Multifamily Launchpad membership is very reasonable – especially compared to what the gurus charge you to attend their “boot camp” commercials...where you learn very little and get pumped up emotionally to purchase a $40,000 “coaching” program where you’ll get the “real” information.

I believe that everyone who wants a good real estate investment education should be able to get it, so I made it accessible to practically everyone.

And I also believe that, if you have $40,000 just lying around, you should use it to buy real estate and learn from actual experience – not to line the pockets of some guru and his commissioned sales force.

MFL is affordable while the guru programs are outrageously expensive because, unlike the guru programs, you’re not paying for a massive commission-based sales force and an army of sub-coaches who do the actual instruction.

And you’re not paying for a sub-coach to tell you privately the same thing he or she is telling every other student privately. In MFL, the mentoring takes place in a group context. All questions and advice go in the Facebook community and on our live calls – so I can give the advice just once and everyone in the community can benefit. That’s what keeps the program affordable.

As a result of this structure, here’s what you DON’T get inside MFL:

  • Handholding or individualized attention
  • My cell phone number
  • Access to my investor network
  • The ability to participate in my deals
  • Me co-signing on your mortgages, being your experience partner, etc.
  • Leads on multifamily properties
  • Me funding your deals

See, unlike the guru programs, MFL is designed to make you independent – not dependent forever on a guru and his network. MFL is designed to help you learn the business so you can stand on your own two feet. 

Yes, it is harder that way.

But MFL is for people who are willing to put in the work and get the results.

There Are No Guarantees in Life, in Real Estate Investing or in Multifamily Launchpad

Just because MFL is reasonably priced doesn’t mean that everyone who thinks they can afford to join is a good fit.

You know who isn’t a good fit?

  • Anyone whose credit cards are maxed out or whose debit card scrapes the bottom of their checking account every month

  • Serial buyers who join program after program and never implement what’s inside

  • Uncommitted tire-kickers who figure they’ll use the money-back guarantee if they don’t bother to engage in the community or do any of the work

  • Fraudsters who join programs, take advantage of what’s inside, and then ask for a refund so they get it all for free

  • Anyone who can’t easily make the monthly payment

That’s why MFL does NOT come with a money-back guarantee and no refunds are available for any reason.

See, success in multifamily real estate investment requires you to take action and do the work. It requires commitment. Not giving up. Bouncing back from adversity. Figuring out your way over, around, or underneath obstacles.

And, you can do everything right in multifamily investing and still not succeed. You can follow every single instruction and piece of advice inside MFL and still not succeed. 

Because there are no guarantees in life. Or in multifamily investing.

See, MFL is a “doers” community. It’s for people who are fully committed to becoming a fully engaged community member, learning from the resources and people inside the community, and implementing what they learn. 

Not for people who want to dip a toe in to test the waters before making up their minds. Not for people who have second thoughts and try to back out of their commitments.

You can easily cancel your MFL membership with a single click and never be billed again. But if you’re not willing to commit to at least a month of fully engaged membership, then you’re NOT a fit for MFL. 

Joining would just be a waste of your money. And it definitely wouldn't be worth going into credit card debt for you.

Only join this community if you agree with MFL’s no-refunds policy.

Will You Pick the Right Fork in the Road?

If you act now, you can join Multifamily Launchpad and instantly get:

  • Access to insight that can change the course of your multifamily real estate business
  • Direct interaction with me practically every day
  • Valuable new lessons every month
  • Live monthly execution calls with me
  • Quarterly live Mastermind Days, with top guest expert speakers
  • Recordings of every monthly call ever held inside MFL
  • Recordings of all past Live Mastermind Days
  • The hassle-free cancellation policy
  • My entire $4,997 comprehensive multifamily real estate investment program, 
  • Access to an investor deal room from an actual syndication, and
  • The professional syndicated deal analyzer, cut-and-paste letter of intent, and checklists – yours to keep even if you leave the community

All for just $197 a month.

At this moment, you stand at a fork in the road of your life. To the left is open road heading downhill. To the right, all you can see is a tollbooth. 

You must pick the right way to go.

The left road looks easier, because it’s free. But the important thing is what you can’t see from here. Because, down the hill, the left road leads to local streets, stop lights, traffic jams, and dead ends, as you try to guess your way to your destination by trial, error and mistake. 

I know. 

I’ve been down that path myself.

What about the right road? Well, beyond the tollbooth, it becomes a broad new superhighway straight to your goal. Paved smoothly all the way with the experience and insights of me and the hundreds of other investors inside MFL. 

Will you pick the right path to take?

If you decide the right way, what do you do next? Just click the button below to go to the order page. Fill out your information and you get instant access to everything

So, congratulations on being invited to join MFL. The insight you need to break though in multifamily real estate in this tough market is just a click away. I look forward to meeting you in our community, and I will see you on the inside.

What the Experts Are Saying 

As a real estate investor, consultant, and host of a successful real estate podcast, I know the real estate field, and I know a real expert when I see one. I've known Jonathan Twombly since I first got started in this business, and he is the real thing.

Joe Fairless, Host of the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Podcast

I am impressed with Jonathan's skill and savviness in the multifamily space and I continue to learn from him.

Gino Barbaro, Co-Host of The Wheelbarrow Profits Podcast with Jake & Gino

I wanted to add a Multifamily expert to my podcast because it’s an important topic for my audience to understand. When I thought about who would provide them the best advice, independent of market hype, there was really only one choice - Jonathan Twombly.

Michael Zuber, author and podcast host, One Rental at a Time: The Journey to Financial Independence through Real Estate

[Jonathan] stands out as one of the best multifamily investors, and teachers, in the industry.    

Reed Goossens, podcast host and author, Investing in the U.S.: The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Real Estate

As a former commercial broker and now the owner of 1,300 apartment units, I know real estate investment as well as anyone. You come across few people in this field who really know what they're talking about. Jonathan is one of them.

John Cohen, JC Property Group LLC

Perhaps You're Wondering...

Do I get direct, individualized attention from you as an MFL member?

No. The only way I can run this program at such a low cost is that it’s a group program. All advice and coaching take place in the Facebook group, monthly calls, and quarterly masterminds. There is no individualized attention.

Can my team or business partner join with me?

Admission is for 1 member (1 personal Facebook profile – no pages). If you need another person to have access to MFL, they can log in through your FB profile or purchase their own membership.

Where will the 4 live Mastermind Days be held?

They are currently scheduled to be held in Brooklyn, New York. However, some (no more than 2/year) may be held as online summits

Is there an additional charge for Mastermind Days?

Mastermind Days are included with your basic membership. However, we may charge a small reservation fee to save your seat and offset the cost of the facility.

Can I bring guests to Mastermind Days?

MFL members in good standing at the time of a Mastermind Day may purchase guest tickets for ½ the price of a normal non-Member ticket (currently $397, but subject to change at any time). Space restrictions may apply.

If I can’t make the Mastermind Days, are there recordings?

Yes, all Mastermind Days are recorded and uploaded to the member site. That means, once you join, you have access to the videos for all past Mastermind Days as well.

I’ve spent a ton on courses and boot camps in the past. Why should I spend more money on MFL?

MFL isn’t a course or drink-from-a-fire-hose boot camp. It’s a membership community where you get access to experience and insights provided by me, hand-picked experts, and hundreds of fellow members. And you get them fast, with practically daily interaction with me and the rest of the group. Plus, there are the growing number of our members who attended the big guru programs before discovering MFL and tell me that MFL is far better at a fraction of the price.

How do I know MFL is right for me?

Honestly, I have no way to answer that question without knowing more about you and what you want to accomplish. But here’s what my former student Jen Brown (Engineer, Texas) had to say about her experience: “Before taking [the predecessor to MFL] . . ., I felt like I had all these puzzle pieces but I didn't know how to fit them together. And when taking Jonathan’s class, I felt like he just fit all those puzzle pieces together about the whole structure of how multifamily investing actually works.”

My no-hassle cancelation policy also means your risk is low. Check out me, the other members, and the content. If you don’t like MFL, simply cancel your membership with a click of a button inside your member profile and never be billed again. And keep the syndicated deal analyzer, the customizable letter of intent, and the comprehensive checklists as my gifts. They are worth WAY more than the cost of a month’s membership.

What makes MFL different from those other real estate programs?

You actually get me. And I actually care about you. With those high-priced guru programs, your money goes to support a huge marketing department, high-pressure salespeople who survive on commissions, payments to the sub-coaches who do the actual “mentoring,” and the profit to the guru (who often isn’t doing any actual mentoring).

In MFL, it’s just me.  And I take your success and satisfaction personally.  As my former student Christina Potosnak (Realtor/Investor, SC) said, “Jonathan is … one of the genuine individuals that really just wants to help people.…” And, as another former student, Joe Ely (Finance professional, NC) said, “Jonathan is a born teacher.  He loves to instruct people to share his knowledge, and he is very encouraging with us as students…. I think he genuinely wants us all to succeed so that we can get out of the rat race and live through passive income through real estate.”

Hear Directly from Members

Jen Brown

Since taking Jonathan’s [former small-group program] I feel so much more confident in investing. I feel confident in the process, I feel confident in everything that I'm doing. I'm actually taking action which is something that I wasn't doing before.


Houston, TX

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