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Your Freedom 400: How to Buy Your First 400 Units of Multifamily Property and Make Yourself Financially Free.

Learn how to create YOUR financial freedom with multifamily real estate investing


video 1: how syndication works

In this video, you get the lay of the land. You'll learn the exact steps for setting up a real estate syndication. Plus, the 4 main types of compensation you're entitled to as a syndicator, why passive investors are willing to pay you to do deals, and how these fees can replace a 6-figure income with just 400 units. Learn how to run a multifamily real estate syndication the way private equity firms do.


video 2: How to Get the Deals

To be successful at syndications, you need deals. Not just any deals. Not the leftover deals the brokers show newbies with no track record. You need good deals. The insider deals. Video 2 shows you my 7-step process for getting top brokers to show you their best deals, even when you're brand new. Using basic human psychology to overcome their reluctance to deal with new investors.


video 3: Raising Money from Investors

Getting good deals is meaningless if you lack the money to close. Finding investors is the biggest psychological block most new investors have. Yet, every successful investor started out where you are and now can close any deal they find. In this video, I show you exactly where to find qualified passive investors (not the places you're probably looking now), how to become an investing expert in their eyes, and how to create an investor "fishing hole" that allows you to fund your deals consistently, without stress.


video 4: Create Your Financial Freedom

Creating financial freedom with multifamily real estate investing isn't only for the elite and it doesn't have to be a mystery. You just need a clear, easy-to-follow plan to make it work so that you can reach your "Freedom 400" faster - and replace that 6-Figure income with real estate profits, leave the W2 salary behind and create a life YOU control.

Make 2021 the year you finally take action and get started on your dream of multifamily real estate entrepreneurship.