Accelerate Your Multi-Family Real Estate Business in this Live Workshop in NYC!

Grow your expertise and expand your business in this full day
immersion experience with Jonathan Twombly -
and bring a friend or a business partner at half price!!!

September 22, 2019 - 9 am to 5 pm - New York City

Turn Knowledge Into Practice...

Spend the day masterminding in New York City with dozens of other multi-family real estate investors and experts so you can grow the reach, exposure, and success of your business!

In this value-packed day you’ll get everything you need to market and grow your real estate business.

Our carefully selected experts will be on hand to network with you and share their expertise on elements that are critical to the success of your multi-family real estate business. 

At the event you’ll learn from and connect with:

  • Amy Birks, Strategy Ninja and Small Business Growth Advisor - Funnel Mastery - How to Turn Connections into Investors
  • Mary Agnes Vetell Antonopolous, Social Media Consultant to the Stars - How to Drive Endless Leads to Your Business Using Social Media
  • Peter R. Fischer, Esq., syndication law expert at Sklar Kirsh LLP - How to Ensure Your Marketing Stays on the Right Side of the Law
  • Michael Roderick, Networking and Connection Expert - How to Build a Network of Investors From Scratch
  • Trivinia Barber, Founder, Priority VA, Virtual Assistant Delegation Expert - How to Hire, Manage and Utilize Virtual Assistants to Grow Your Business
  • And, of course, your host Jonathan Twombly, Multi Family Launchpad Founder and Real Estate Investment Expert will answer all of your most pressing questions about how to build out your multi family real estate deals

As a special bonus, all segments of the event will be videotaped, and each attendee will get access to the videos to watch in the future at no extra charge.

And as always, we’d love to make it easy for you to bring your spouse or business partners to the event as well. Your spouse or business partner tickets are half off when you register for the event - just click the button below to grab your spots!

About Jonathan Twombly…
Meet Your Instructor!

Jonathan Twombly is the owner of Two Bridges Asset Management LLC, host of the Real Estate Launchpad Podcast, owner of the Multifamily Investment Community group on Facebook, and a national board member of the Harvard Real Estate Alumni Organization, Inc.

Jonathan spent more than a decade as a Wall Street lawyer, working on eight-, nine-, and ten-figure “bet the company” litigation in a number of high profile cases. In 2011, he co-founded the multifamily investment company TRB Investment Group LLC, and in 2013, he went out on his own to found Two Bridges Asset Management LLC, which now holds approximately $26,000,000 of multifamily real estate.

Jonathan has appeared on most major real estate investing podcasts, including BiggerPockets, the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show with Joe Fairless, Wheelbarrow Profits with Jake & Gino, Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing with Rod Khleif, and many more.

Jonathan is a graduate of Harvard College and Columbia Law School. He speaks fluent Japanese. He lives with his wife and two children in New York City.

Here’s what my students have to say....

Joe Ely

Finance Professional

Charlotte, NC

Joe Ely

Finance Professional, Charlotte, NC

Jonathan is a born teacher. He loves to instruct people to share his knowledge, and he is very encouraging with us as students…. I think he genuinely wants us all to succeed.

Christina Potosnak

Realtor and Investor

Greenville, SC

Christina Potosnak

Realtor and Investor, Greenville, SC

Jonathan is … one of the genuine individuals that really just wants to help people.… We really trust his opinions and the information that he gives is wonderful.

Liam Barnes

Software Professional 

New York, NY

Liam Barnes

Software Professional, New York, NY

Jonathan is very truthful and honest about what the realities are of getting into your first deal…. Jonathan is a great teacher and a great mentor.

Garrett White

Nuclear Engineer

North Carolina

Garrett White

Nuclear Engineer, North Carolina

[Jonathan] adds tons of insight and tons of value, and if he can’t answer something for whatever reason, he goes above and beyond to make sure he gets you in touch with someone who can.

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