How Much FASTER Could You Reach Your Goals
if I could personally keep you accountable
for implementing 
Multifamily Launchpad?

Watch the video to learn how Jonathan could personally help you execute
the Multifamily Launchpad program for even faster success.

*Note: this offer is only available for a very limited time and for a limited number of people. Enroll today, to ensure that you don’t miss out!

Multifamily Launchpad provides the best knowledge base in the business about investing in multifamily real estate.

But, without consistent action, all the information in the world won’t help you reach your multifamily real estate investment goals.

Now, some unique people can set goals, determine the exact actions they must take to reach those goals, and take those actions consistently over time until they reach their goals.

If you are one of them, read no further, because you don’t need what I offer you below.

Most people can’t consistently hold themselves accountable to take action.  Of course, they set goals for their multifamily investment business with enthusiasm, excitement, and good intentions.

But their drive fizzles as the demands and stresses of normal life work their distracting power.
When that happens, they stop consistently taking the actions needed to meet their goals.

This is especially true if you’re trying to build a successful real estate business to help you escape the rat race . . .
. . . but you’re still in the rat race.

Because the demands of job and family constantly weigh on you.

And, by the time you finish dealing with work and family for the day, you’re tired.

Action on those real estate goals can wait until tomorrow, when (you tell yourself) you’ll have more energy.
But, soon, 365 tomorrows have come and gone, and you have not progressed toward your escape plan at all.
You’re no closer to exiting the rat race, but you are one year older.

Just like last year.

And the year before that.

Let’s face it...

Sometimes, doesn’t it feel like life is actually conspiring to keep you from working on your long-term plans?
It’s really hard to find time to work on your goals when, every day, you must deal with the demands of job and family.

Because, as important as your goals are for your long-term happiness, the immediate and urgent matters always require your attention right now.

Leaving you little time and energy to focus on your goals.

And the harsh reality is that those urgent life demands never go away. The time never comes when you’ve “cleared your plate” so you can focus on the long-term.

Since it’s simply not possible to ignore the demands of your life, you need to do something else to help you focus on your goals.

You need to get “leverage.”

On yourself.

So, that even in those moments when you’re tired out from doing what everyone else wants you to do, you can still summon up the motivation and discipline to work on your goals.

Some unique people can provide that leverage on themselves. (And if that’s you, I congratulate you. What follows isn’t for you.)

Most people can’t summon what’s required to get leverage on themselves so they can move the needle on their goals. They need help from others to get it.

They need to be accountable to someone else.

Like a coach.

And a community that’s there just to help them stay focused on those important long-term goals that always seem to get sacrificed to the demands of the right now.

That keeps them in the discipline of setting goals each quarter.

And, more importantly, that keeps them in the habit of taking those daily and weekly actions that, over months and years, slowly add up to success.

Think about it...

What if someone checked on you regularly to make sure you stay on target, consistently taking the actions you need to take?

Or if a group of people you respect expected you to take action, because you’d committed to them that you would?

How different would that make your multifamily investment business?  How much faster could you move toward your goals?

Many people need and want this accountability.

I know, because over the last few years, I’ve been asked time and again if I offered more individualized attention than in Multifamily Launchpad.

Specifically, something focused on keeping you accountable to your goals while life was busy trying to get in their way.

So, in response to these requests, I decided to launch a pilot program:


MFL+ is for Multifamily Launchpad members who want  extra support and accountability,
from me and a select group of their peers –

~ To keep you taking action and actually implementing the MFL program
so you can get to the next level more quickly.

~ To give you the firepower you need to fight when everyday life sucks up all your energy and
distracts you from focusing on your long-term plans.

- So that you actually implement the activities necessary to build and
grow your multifamily real estate business

Now, before I tell you what you get as an MFL+ member, here are some very important things for you to consider seriously:


MFL+ is a group coaching program. There are no individual calls or emails to address your specific issues. Coaching occurs in the context of group meetings, calls, etc., where all your questions can be addressed.


MFL+ contains no additional information, “secrets,” “hacks,” or “techniques” that are not already inside the standard MFL program. I put everything I know about multifamily investing into the basic MFL program. MFL+ focuses on accountability and execution, so you consistently apply the knowledge and take the actions recommended inside MFL.


I do not provide introductions to investors, brokers, partners, lenders, etc. for MFL+ members. The point of MFL+ is not to do your work for you. It’s to help you stay focused on the daily, weekly, and monthly actions, which done consistently over time make you more likely to succeed in this business.


MFL+ requires additional time and effort from you. Not just the extra work you do toward your goals, but the in-person meetings and monthly calls also take time.


MFL+ requires additional expense. The program itself is expensive. And, if you attend the in-person meetings in New York City, you incur the cost of travel, hotel stays, meals, etc., as well.


You must pay for a full year up front, and there are no refunds or guarantees. Only people who are truly committed to accountability and execution may join MFL+.


MFL+ may not “work” for you. You may join and fail to do the work. Or you may do everything, but life, the market, your partners, or whatever may still interfere with you reaching your goals. Of course, the more committed you are to following the program, the less likely this is to happen. But it still can, no matter how disciplined you are.

So, what comes with MFL+?

Everything you already get inside MFL, but for FREE.

If you’re a monthly MFL member, you’ll be upgraded to annual membership alongside your MFL+ membership for free. And if you’re an annual member, I’ll refund the remainder of your year and give you a free annual membership for the same time period as your MFL+ membership.

Quarterly In-Person Workshops Led by Me

An MFL+ members-only in-person workshop every quarter focused on setting goals, keeping you accountable to your metrics, and removing obstacles when you get stuck or aren’t meeting your metrics. (MFL+ workshops happen the day after the quarterly MFL Live event, so there’s no extra travel required.)

Monthly Video Conferences with Me

An exclusive MFL+ member video conference every month to check in on your progress, keep you accountable, and help you get unstuck when you need it.

Accountability & Execution Materials

Exclusive accountability and execution materials specifically designed to help you set goals, determine the precise actions you need to reach them, and track your performance daily so you take the necessary actions toward your goals even when life threatens to sidetrack you.

Exclusive Community

An exclusive community of the most motivated MFL members and the opportunity to form even closer relationships with them. Limited to 35 members at a time.

Expert Instruction & Guidance

Exclusive opportunities, only for MFL+ members, to learn directly from top experts in the field in many different aspects of investment and real estate operations.

Can you imagine how this kind of support could help you take consistent action on what you learn in Multifamily Launchpad, and accelerate your progress as a result?

Limited Time Pilot Offer

The MFL+ membership costs $4,997 a year.

But if you join by February 1, 2020, you become a member of my initial pilot
group in MFL+ and get a $1500 discount off your membership.

Best of all, you lock in this $3,497 annual membership rate for as long as you remain a member of MFL+, no matter how much the price rises in the future.

Ready to join now so you don’t miss
 out on this huge discount?

Need more information
to help you decide?

MFL+ meets 4x/year, the day after the
MFL Live member events.

2020-21 MFL+ session dates:  

  • April 26, 2020
  • July 12, 2020
  • October 25, 2020
  • January 17, 2021

MFL+ sessions will be videotaped and provided to MFL+ members,
so you benefit from every session even if you cannot attend every single one.

Remember, the exclusive $1500 discount for pilot members ends February 1, 2020, so don’t delay.

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