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The #1 reason new Multifamily real estate investors fail?

They Never Even See the Good Deals!

Backroom Deals™ is your step-by-step blueprint for fast access to the good deals new investors usually aren’t permitted to see. So you finally can stop spinning your wheels and start building financial freedom through real estate investing.

Most New Multifamily Investors Inadvertently Choose to Fail -
Here’s How You Can Choose Success Instead

Most new investors fail because the good deals are gone before they even hear about them.

That’s because brokers only show their good deals to their short-list of insiders - those who made into the so-called “back room” - where the deals really get done.

And that usually leaves new investors with two bad choices:

  • Give up because you don’t get to see the good back-room deals

          ~ Or ~
  • Overpay for a bad deal, because you hope it will get you a key to the back room later

Most new investors take one of these choices out of desperation - and fail as a result.

But there is another way . . .

. . . a third choice that most new investors don’t realize exists.

See, new investors can access the “back room” and see the best deals, if you know how to make brokers believe you deserve a key.

You don’t need to buy a bad deal.

Or misrepresent who you are or what experience you have.

Or do anything complicated or difficult that you can’t already do right now.

With this method, you can access the “back room.” Even if you’re completely new to the business, you have no track record of closing multifamily deals, and the brokers know it.

In fact, it’s the way I went from struggling to get brokers to pay attention to me to suddenly breaking through and going from zero units to 404 units in just 11 months.

What’s A Back-Room Deal,
And Why Do You Need Them To Succeed?

Brokers survive on commissions. They have no time to waste. So they naturally want to work only with investors who close deals.

This is especially true with “back-room” deals - also known as pre-market deals, pocket listings, or off-market deals. Because they are the most likely deals to close and earn brokers their commissions.

When these deals come in the door, brokers first take them to their shortlist of insider investors.

Only if none of them bids does the deal get blasted to their whole investor list.

Only if none of those investors bids does the deal get posted on the website.

And only if that fails do brokers put the deal on Loopnet, show it to newbies, etc.

In other words, the deals new investors see are the ones everyone else has already rejected.

But the back-room deals are the best deals. They make you the most money.  And they’re subject to the least competition because only short-list investors see them.

The unpleasant truth is that you will not succeed as a Multifamily investor if you don’t get access to these deals.

My Struggle Before I Got Into the Back Room

I’ve done millions of dollars of Multifamily investment deals. And, now, when I call brokers, I always see the best deals they have on hand.

But it wasn’t always this way.

When I started my business, I struggled to get good deals. One thing above all else made it hard to get traction.

It wasn't the equity down payment - I had investors committed already.

It wasn't the balance sheet for getting a mortgage - My credit partners were lined up.

It wasn't even the know-how - I’d been in the business two years before I went out on my own.

It was the "New Investor Catch-22."

Perhaps you’ve experienced it, too:

  • Brokers won't show you good MF deals, because you have no track record of closing

               But . . . 

  • You can't get a closer’s track record, because no broker will show you a deal worth closing

I ran smack into this problem.

I couldn't get brokers to show me good deals because they didn't know who the heck I was. 

I was a nobody, because I’d never closed a deal in their market.

So they either ignored me altogether. Or they showed me their leftover bad deals, hoping I'd bite out of desperation.

But I didn't want leftovers.  And I didn't want to do a bad deal, just to do a deal.

I wanted the deals brokers showed their insider clients. The ones that never got blasted to their lists. The ones that never made it to their websites.

I wanted the back-room deals. The good deals only insiders ever see. The ones that actually make money.

How I Finally Got The Back Room Key
And Started Closing Good Deals From Brokers

Fast-forward a year, and I was sitting in a top broker's office, looking at a 102-unit deal that no one else had ever seen.

I drove the property that day, quickly made an offer, and the broker convinced the seller to accept it without showing the deal to anyone else.

Even though I had never closed a deal before. 

I was a nobody in the market.

And the brokers knew it.

Once that deal closed, the floodgates opened. I could call just about any broker in the state and see their best deals right away. Heck, the brokers started calling me. And I went from zero units to 404 units worth more than $17.5 million in the next 11 months.

Afterwards, I tried to reverse-engineer how I beat the "New Investor Catch-22" and got a key to the backroom.  I realized I did five things right.

  1. I showed up like an established pro when I reached out to brokers
  2. I put the right team in place, so I could close any deal that came my way
  3. I made sure anyone who googled me would come away believing I was well-established in the business
  4. I found a way to make brokers assume I could close any deal they gave me, so they would never ask for proof of funds (unless the seller required it)
  5. I approached brokers in a way calculated to make them feel obligated to take me seriously

I also realized this precise order was critical.

See, when I started out, I followed the advice of a famous guru, who said the way to get deals was find brokers on the internet, get their information, and contact them.

But it never worked. It just got me the cold shoulder.

What worked was reaching out last - only after I had done the first four steps.

And then, reaching out in a specific way that makes it impossible for brokers to ignore you and practically forces them to take you seriously.

You Can Get Into The Back Room, Too

You can absolutely do what I did, and get Backroom Deals when you’re just starting out, with zero track record.

The key is making brokers fully believe you can close, and they’re not wasting time on you, even if they know you’ve never closed a deal before.

The exact steps for doing this are explained in my Get the Backroom Deals™ program.

Inside, you’ll get the battle-tested, step-by-step shortcut for convincing brokers you’re a closer and getting them to show you the deals normally reserved for insiders, even if you’ve never closed a deal before and they know it.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you’re not getting Backroom Deals now, and what you must stop doing immediately to quit sabotaging your success

  • The fundamental vocabulary and concepts of Multifamily Investing you absolutely must know to be taken seriously by brokers

  • The members of your investment team that make brokers believe you can close

  • How to leverage these team members to get you onto brokers’ shortlists - even when you’re new in the business

  • How to easily create an online persona that convinces anyone who googles you that you’re a seasoned investment professional

  • How to create instant credibility with brokers long before you meet, so you walk into meetings with your credibility already established

  • The precise way to approach brokers, based on human psychology, that makes it impossible for brokers to ignore you and practically forces them to take you seriously - even if they know you have no track record at all

  • And more!

This process is taken directly from my full Multifamily Launchpad investment course. It’s the exact methodology my private students have successfully employed for years to get brokers to show them backroom deals from the very start.

And now you can get it without having to purchase my entire course or join my private mentoring program - for a very attractive price.

Get the BEST brokers to put YOU on speed dial with

Get the Backroom Deals™

The battle-tested, step-by-step blueprint for beginning multifamily real estate investors who want to get in on the BEST investment opportunities and be profitable faster...without wasting hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure it out on your own.

Perfect for pre-investors and frustrated beginners who are ready to build wealth and create a legacy with multifamily real estate investing.

Consider this shortcut system your key to unlock insider access with brokers, gain access to the best deals, and launch your multifamily real estate investing business with confidence instead of confusion.

  • Learn the pro secrets to create instant credibility with brokers and position yourself as a smart and savvy investor
  • Avoid the common “rookie” mistakes that keep most new investors on the sideline for years
  • Experience the benefit of step-by-step professional guidance from a multi-million dollar investor who started at zero and grew to over 400 units in under 11 months...without the “guru” price tag

Backroom Deals™ is your blueprint to confidently get started in multifamily real
estate investing and get in the back room with brokers in 30 days or less.

In Get the Backroom Deals™, I show you exactly how to:

Avoid rookie mistakes that get you locked out and understand why it matters 
Understand core strategies, deal flow and timelines like a pro
Communicate with confidence and clarity so you're taken seriously from day one
Surround yourself with the right team so you're ready to move when a deal comes
Craft your online and offline presence to create instant credibility with brokers
Create a winning broker credibility package to show up like a pro investor
How to create powerful relationships with top brokers from the beginning
Get into the back room with brokers in 30 days or less,

In Get the Backroom Deals™, I explain everything in straightforward, plain language

I break down the most difficult concepts new investors face into easy-to-understand, concrete, step-by-step instructions for you to follow, so there’s never any doubt what to do next.

You’ll unlock insider access with brokers with clarity and confidence, and know with certainty that you’re positioned to see the best investment opportunities on the market today.

Everything You Get Inside
My Get The Backroom Deals™ Course

Your blueprint to deal with brokers confidently, so they show you their insider deals from Day 1.


Module 1: Why You're Not Getting Backroom Deals Now

Why new investors get locked out and how to avoid rookie mistakes

Identify and eliminate the ROOKIE SIGNALS brokers look for to keep you out of the Back Room - signals you may not even know you’re sending


Module 2: Building a Strong Foundation of Knowledge: Part 1

Key concepts in multifamily investing and how to prepare yourself for a deal

Understand the three core multifamily investment STRATEGIES and their timelines, so you avoid tripping up and making brokers think you can’t close


Module 3: Building a Strong Foundation of Knowledge: Part 2

Talk like a serious investor with clarity and confidence

Master the KEY CONCEPTS every multifamily investor must understand to get access to the Back Room


Module 4: Your Investment Team

Surround Yourself with Exactly the Right Team Members

Select the RIGHT investment team members - the ones that demonstrate an ability to move fast and close deals


Module 5: Your Online & Offline Presence

Create a Professional Presence that Sets You Up for Success

Build a PROFESSIONAL online presence, so when brokers check you out, they come away convinced you’re a legitimate player


Module 6: Your Broker Credibility Package

Get the Assets You Need to Gain Instant Credibility

Market yourself powerfully to brokers in your “ask” materials, so they come away CONVINCED you’re a closer when they’ve seen them


Module 7: Reach Out to Brokers with Warm Introductions

Build Strong Relationships from the Start the RIGHT Way

The PRECISE way to approach brokers and make it almost impossible for them to ignore you


Module 8: Get Into the Back Room in 30 Days or Less

Get Ready to Get Your First Great Investment Opportunity

Access the Backroom in 30 DAYS OR LESS, no matter where you’re starting out

In Get the Backroom Deals™, I explain everything in straightforward, plain language

I break down the most difficult concepts new investors face into easy-to-understand, concrete, step-by-step instructions for you to follow, so there’s never any doubt what to do next.

You’ll unlock insider access with brokers with clarity and confidence, and know with certainty that you’re positioned to see the best investment opportunities on the market today.

All This At An Amazing Price

If you know me at all, then you already know my mission is to disrupt the guru model of high-priced “mentoring” programs by providing high-quality investment education to everyone who needs it, at a fair price.

After all, I believe if you have $5,000 or $10,000 or $50,000 available, you should invest it in real estate, not spend it on some guru’s overpriced, high sales-pressure “mentoring.”

I want you to get the information you need and still have your bank balance intact.

So, even though the information packed into Get the Backroom Deals™ will change the trajectory of your Multifamily investing business, as it has for me and many of my students, you pay just $47 to get it.

That’s right, just $47 for everything.


You Get These Valuable Free Bonuses Too

Not only do you get the entire Get the Backroom Deals™ program for just $47, you also get these free bonuses to help you start - and grow - your investment business without second guessing yourself.

Bonus 1
The Multifamily Launchpad Quick & Dirty Deal Analyzer 2.0 ($47 value)

Once you start seeing more deals from brokers, you need a way to analyze them fast, to decide whether to pursue them or move on to the next one.

The Multifamily Launchpad Quick & Dirty Deal Analyzer 2.0 is a powerful tool that allows you to do a professional first-cut underwriting analysis in just minutes.

This analyzer is not available for sale anywhere. And, until now, it’s only been available to students in my Multifamily Launchpad mentoring program. But you get it free with your purchase of Get the Backroom Deals™.

Bonus 2
The Newbie to New Pro in Just 21 Days Quick Start Guide ($47 Value)

The Newbie to New Pro in Just 21 Days Quickstart Guide is a step-by-step companion to the Get the Backroom Deals™ course. 

Sometimes, you just want a quick reference to get the guidance you need, without trying to remember which video contained what advice.

Let this Quick Start Guide be your handy desktop manual whenever you’re about to reach out to brokers and need a two-minute refresher to boost your confidence.

Bonus 3
My Actual Letter of Intent and Due Diligence Demand in Microsoft Word Format (at least a $1,000 value)

When you get a great deal from a broker, you need a way to lock it down immediately. That requires a Letter of Intent, or “LOI.”

My LOI doesn’t just set the offer price; it’s specifically designed to lock the seller into your bargaining position, and agree to your due diligence demands, before you even draft the purchase and sale agreement.

It would cost you many hours of lawyer time at hundreds of dollars per hour to get an LOI this powerful drafted for you. And it’s yours - in Microsoft Word form, so you can easily cut and paste to your own letterhead - absolutely free with the program.

These three free bonuses, worth more than $1,094 in total,
are yours free with the Get the Backroom Deals™ course.

100% Backed by my "Golden Key" Guarantee

Backroom Deals™ is your golden key to unlock insider access  with brokers and profit from premium investment opportunities.

But just buying the program won’t change anything. You must complete it and implement its powerful lessons to get the results you desire.  

It requires some effort on your part, for sure, and if you follow these steps and take action, I'm confident you'll be in the back room in 30 days or less.

Try it out for 30 days, complete the course, and if you're anything less than 100% satisfied with with my process and your progress just send me an email and I'll happily issue a prompt refund with my best wishes and you'll keep the bonuses as my gift to you!

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

I’m Jonathan Twombly, a former Wall Street lawyer who’s been a multifamily real estate investor since 2011.

While building my own portfolio, I became disillusioned with the mentoring programs and information available to new multifamily investors. The more I learned on my own, the more I realized how lacking these sources are. Especially when it comes to the critical skill of getting access to the best deals from the start.

I decided to create a better, more complete, and more affordable option for the new investors who came behind me. The kind of program I wished was available when I started out: the complete, no-bull/no-hype resource for the most serious up and coming multifamily investors.

So I created Get the Backroom Deals™ to help people start on the right foot in multifamily real estate...without breaking the bank.  You don't have to start unprepared - and you don't have to guess or invest thousands to figure it out.


What My Students Say....

Joe Ely

Finance Professional

Charlotte, NC

Rusty Symes

MFL Student

I’ve tried my hand at multifamily investing. I couldn’t get past dealing with brokers. And yes, I have taken several courses. . . . I followed your instructions to a Tee . . . [and] a top broker . . . added me to his selective buyers list. Everything you said was correct.

Joe Ely

Finance Professional

Charlotte, NC

Joe Ely

Finance Professional, Charlotte, NC

Jonathan is a born teacher. He loves to instruct people to share his knowledge, and he is very encouraging with us as students….he genuinely wants us all to succeed.

Christina Potosnak

Realtor and Investor

Greenville, SC

Christina Potosnak

Realtor and Investor, Greenville, SC

Jonathan is … one of the genuine individuals that really just wants to help people.… We really trust his opinions and the information that he gives is wonderful.

Liam Barnes

Software Professional 

New York, NY

Liam Barnes

Software Professional, New York, NY

Jonathan is very truthful and honest about what the realities are of getting into your first deal…. Jonathan is a great teacher and a great mentor.

Garrett White

Nuclear Engineer

North Carolina

Garrett White

Nuclear Engineer, North Carolina

[Jonathan] adds tons of insight and tons of value, and if he can’t answer something for whatever reason, he goes above and beyond to make sure he gets you in touch with someone who can.

What the Experts Are Saying 

As a real estate investor, consultant, and host of a successful real estate podcast, I know the real estate field, and I know a real expert when I see one. I've known Jonathan Twombly since I first got started in this business, and he is the real thing.

Joe Fairless, Host of the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Podcast

I am impressed with Jonathan's skill and savviness in the multifamily space and I continue to learn from him.

Gino Barbaro, Co-Host of The Wheelbarrow Profits Podcast with Jake & Gino

I wanted to add a Multifamily expert to my podcast because it’s an important topic for my audience to understand. When I thought about who would provide them the best advice, independent of market hype, there was really only one choice - Jonathan Twombly.

Michael Zuber, author and podcast host, One Rental at a Time: The Journey to Financial Independence through Real Estate

[Jonathan] stands out as one of the best multifamily investors, and teachers, in the industry.    

Reed Goossens, podcast host and author, Investing in the U.S.: The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Real Estate

As a former commercial broker and now the owner of 1,300 apartment units, I know real estate investment as well as anyone. You come across few people in this field who really know what they're talking about. Jonathan is one of them.

John Cohen, JC Property Group LLC

Get THE KEY to the Backroom NOW

I can’t promise that the deals you find in the Backroom will always fit your investment criteria.

But I can promise they’re the best deals brokers have on the market at any given time. 

And, if you follow what’s in this program faithfully, you can get your “key” to the Backroom where those deals are.

Even if you’ve never closed a deal before and the brokers know it.

Join TODAY and get instant access to:

The 8-video Get the Backroom Deals™ course - your step-by-step blueprint to accessing the backroom deals and forever altering the quality and quantity of Multifamily deals you get from brokers

The 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied after reviewing all the materials

And the three free bonuses you get to keep even if you cancel:

The Multifamily Launchpad Quick & Dirty Deal Analyzer 2.0 - to help you quickly and professionally analyze the deals you get ($47 value)

The Newbie to New Pro in Just 21 Days Quickstart Guide - to track and accelerate your progress through the program ($47 Value)

The Letter of Intent and Due Diligence Demand - so you can lock sellers into your position before you even start drafting the contract (in Microsoft Word format, so you can easily cut and paste to your own letterhead) (at least a $1,000 value)

This offer is subject to change or be withdrawn at any time, without notice.
So be sure to act now to avoid missing out.

Terms and conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a comprehensive multifamily real estate investing program?

No.  Backroom Deals™ is specifically designed for new or struggling beginner multifamily real estate investors who want to start with their most professional foot forward and fast track their success.  Because of that, Backroom Deals™ specifically focuses on the outcome of getting you positioned to accept the best investment opportunities without wasting hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars with trial and error.

I have no experience at all.  Will this work for me?

Absolutely!  It will work if you do the work.  I created this program through my own trial and error, successes and failures, to help aspiring multifamily real estate investors to get started without struggling like I did.  This is the exact method I used when I started to close my first deals.

Why is the price so low?

One of my goals when I started Multifamily Launchpad was to create an affordable way for everyday people to get started in multifamily real estate investing without investing tens of thousands of dollars in some guru coaching program or boot camp. The pricing of this program reflects my ideals and my genuine desire to help you get started without breaking the bank.

Do you provide any one-on-one assistance?

You'll have access to my free Facebook community, and I'm there answering questions and providing guidance frequently. While there isn't any one-on-one assistance in this particular program, you'll become part of a community of like-minded multifamily real estate investors and you'll be supported throughout your endeavors.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yep!  I call it my "Golden Key" Guarantee.  Try this program for 30 days, do the work, and if you are anything less than satisfied, just shoot me an email and I'll provide a refund of your purchase price.

you don't have to guess

Get Brokers to Show You Their Best Deals...NOW

Getting started in multifamily real estate investing has NEVER been easier...or smarter!