Ready to get into multifamily real estate investing but don’t know where to start?

Backroom Deals™ is your step-by-step blueprint to dramatically shortcut your path to PROFITING with multifamily real estate...the RIGHT WAY.

You don't have to spend a king's ransom
on some overpriced, over-hyped mentor
to get started in multifamily real estate investing

AND you don't have to struggle or waste valuable time and money to learn on your own like I did. 

Believe me, I know all about those real estate “gurus” with their $30K coaching programs and their $50K boot camps that try to convince people that real estate is easy, passive and risk-less.

But if you’ve ever started on your own and tried it, you quickly learned those promises were lies...just like I did.

The fact is, people lose money on real estate all the time. Most commonly, new investors lose money by overpaying because they don’t know how to analyze markets and deals. If you just believe the gurus who tell you every deal is a good deal, it’s a recipe for failure every time.

You see, for nearly a decade I spent more time and money than I can count learning how to create a 6-figure+ income as a multifamily real estate investor.

I was a Wall Street lawyer, burnt out and desperate to leave my soul-sucking job...but when you have responsibilities to meet and a family to take care of like I did, quitting is never an option.

While I was struggling to build my own portfolio, I became more and more disillusioned with the information and mentoring that was available for new multifamily investors.

The more I learned on my own, the more I realized just how much those high priced mentors were holding back from their clients,

They were selling a dream. So while they were collecting hefty fees from their students and raking in profits, their students were left with little to show for their investments.

But I needed something real, and I was determined to get it.

So I kept on pushing and learning…

And taking action.

I was able to get my first deals without any guru holding my hand and bringing me into one of their deals, but I had to figure it all out on my own.

With what I learned, I used investor money to buy 404 apartments with $17,755,454 in just 11 months, and I sold those properties for $25.5 million dollars just a few years later.

For the past several years, I’ve been sharing that knowledge and teaching people just like you how to do it, too.

And I wanted to create an even easier path for new multifamily investors to get started the right way, so they could get off the ground quickly and be profitable faster.

I wanted to help even more people navigate the challenges I faced and avoid the mistakes I’d made when I was just starting out.

Really, there are no mysteries here. It’s all about knowing what the pros do, and then following those instructions faithfully.

Backroom Deals™ is all about giving you a pro-level play book without breaking the bank or making you waste a ton of time and money in the process so you can implement quickly and be profitable faster.

What's a "Backroom Deal" anyway?

It’s not as shady as it sounds in politics! Often called off market listings, pre-market properties, or pocket listings, these “backroom deals” are the premium real estate that only a select group of investors see first.  Those investors get on the broker's speed dial because he knows the property types and investment markets those investors are looking for - and that those investors have the cash to close the deal.

Investors who have strong relationships with brokers are the ones who see deals like this first - and reap the benefits.  And there are a lot of benefits, for sure.

Why Getting Into the Back Room Matters....

The very best investment opportunities all start in the broker's office...the back room. 

When a new listing comes in, the broker offers that listing to a small group of insider clients that fit the deal. This lets the broker make the greatest return with the least effort in moving the property.

If no one buys from that insider list, the broker is forced to invest a lot more time, energy and money into marketing the property to a broader audience to make the sale and close the deal.

Premium listings rarely make it past that first round of phone calls, so it's critically important to be on that short list of investors the broker calls first.

Being on that short list gives you a keen advantage over other investors.  

You'll face less competition for premium opportunities and quite frequently get better pricing - which means higher returns.

And who doesn't want that?

When you've got insider access, you'll have

  • Buyer-to-property matched deals from brokers
  • Less competition for premium opportunities
  • Better pricing and higher return potential
  • Best opportunities to close the deal

But You Might Be Making This Common Mistake...

If you're wondering why brokers won't show you their best opportunities...

It might be because you've been following some real estate guru’s advice about finding brokers online and contacting them by email or phone.

That approach is practically guaranteed to fail.

Inside of Backroom Deals™, I show you the exact technique I developed through trial and error to get brokers to show me their best deals right away, even when I was brand new.

It's the method I used to go from zero to 404 units in about 11 months...with investor money.

Best of all, it’s based on common-sense psychology and sound business principles that work in almost every business situation, not just with brokers.

It’s so straightforward, that when you learn it, you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it yourself.

When you put these methods into practice, you'll see a dramatic increase in both the quantity and quality of your deal flow. 

So, what's REALLY keeping you from seeing these deals?

Three BIG issues get in the way of many who want to get started with the BEST multifamily real estate deals.

Broker Trust

Brokers, like other humans, always make their first call to people they TRUST.  It's no different with the best investment opportunities! Building strong relationships with brokers takes time unless you first position yourself as a serious investor

Broker Knowledge

Investors who have relationships with brokers are already on the broker's radar in terms of exactly what type of property they're looking it's an easy proposition to be top of mind for a broker when your "type" of property comes along.

Broker Risk

Show me the money isn't just a thing in an old movie!  Brokers only get paid when deals close, so brokers have to believe you can close the deal...and if you don't have a proven track record, you'll never be on their speed dial when great deals come up

A top broker added me to his selective buyers list

I’ve tried my hand at multifamily investing. I couldn’t get past dealing with brokers. And yes, I have taken several courses. . . . I followed your instructions to a Tee . . . [and] a top broker . . . added me to his selective buyers list. Everything you said was correct.

- Rusty Symes

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

I’m Jonathan Twombly, a former Wall Street lawyer who’s been a multifamily real estate investor since 2011.

While building my own portfolio, I became disillusioned with the mentoring programs and information available to new multifamily investors. The more I learned on my own, the more I realized how lacking these sources are.

So I created Backroom Deals™ to help people start on the right foot in multifamily real estate...without breaking the bank.  You don't have to start unprepared - and you don't have to guess or invest thousands to figure it out.

I wanted to create a better, more complete, and more affordable option for the new investors who came behind me. The kind of program I wished was available when I started out: the complete, no-bull/no-hype resource for the most serious up and coming multifamily investors.


Get the BEST brokers to put YOU on speed dial with

Backroom Deals™

The battle-tested, step-by-step blueprint for beginning multifamily real estate investors who want to get in on the BEST investment opportunities and be profitable faster...without wasting hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure it out on your own.

Perfect for pre-investors and frustrated beginners who are ready to build wealth and create a legacy with multifamily real estate investing.

Consider this shortcut system your golden key to unlock insider access with brokers, gain access to the best deals, and launch your multifamily real estate investing business with confidence instead of confusion.

  • Learn the pro secrets to create instant credibility with brokers and position yourself as a smart and savvy investor
  • Avoid the common “rookie” mistakes that keep most new investors on the sideline for years
  • Analyze deals like an expert, even if you aren’t a “numbers” person or you have no previous real estate experience
  • Experience the benefit of step-by-step professional guidance from a multi-million dollar investor who started at zero and grew to over 400 units in under 11 months...without the “guru” price tag

Backroom Deals™ is your blueprint to confidently get started in multifamily real
estate investing and get in the back room with brokers in 30 days or less.

In Backroom Deals™, I show you exactly how to:

Avoid rookie mistakes that get you locked out and understand why it matters (Module 1)
Know the THREE core strategies for multifamily, understand deal flow and timelines like a pro (Module 2)
Communicate with brokers with confidence and clarity so you're taken seriously from day one (Module 3)
Select and surround yourself with exactly the right team members so you're ready to move when a deal comes (Module 4)
Craft your online and offline presence to create instant credibility with brokers - even if you're brand new (Module 5)
Create a winning broker credibility package to promote yourself and show up like a pro investor (Module 6)
How to initiate and foster strong relationships with top brokers from the beginning (Module 7)
Get into the back room with brokers in 30 days or less, regardless of where you're starting (Module 8)

In Backroom Deals™, I explain everything in straightforward, plain language

I break down the most difficult concepts new investors face when they begin into easy-to-understand, concrete, step-by-step instructions for you to follow, so there's never any doubt about what to do next.

You'll unlock insider access with brokers with clarity and confidence, and know with certainty that you'll be positioned to see the best investment opportunities.

Here's EXACTLY What's Inside Backroom Deals™

You get the step-by-step video course showing you everything you need to start and scale a successful multifamily real estate business.  Nothing is left out, no stone left unturned. The video course contains these 8 modules:


Module 1: Why You're Not Getting Backroom Deals Now

Why new investors get locked out and how to avoid rookie mistakes

Quickly learn why new investors rarely, if ever, get access to premium investment opportunities and how to avoid the most common mistakes that new investors make.


Module 2: Building a Strong Foundation of Knowledge: Part 1

Key concepts in multifamily investing and how to prepare yourself for a deal

Stop guessing about how multifamily real estate works and learn about the three major types of multifamily plays, how deal flow works and the general transaction timeline.


Module 3: Building a Strong Foundation of Knowledge: Part 2

Talk like a serious investor with clarity and confidence

Develop a deep understanding of the basic concepts and vocabulary of multifamily real estate investing that you must know to communicate seriously and effectively with brokers.

BONUS: 21-Day Guide to Building Relationships with Brokers,


Module 4: Your Investment Team

Surround Yourself with Exactly the Right Team Members

Remove all mystery and intimidation from the topic of financial analysis with these videos: (1) What You Need To Underwrite Deals, (2) Introduction to the MFL Syndication Underwriting Model Version 2.0, (3) Underwriting Income, (4) Underwriting Operating Expenses, (5) Underwriting Financing, Deal Expenses, and Initial Capital Expenses, (6) Making Pro Forma Projections and Exit Assumptions, (7) Scenario Planning and Stress-Testing, and (8) Over-the-Shoulder Underwriting Example from a Real Deal.

PLUS: MFL Syndication Underwriting Model v.2.0, Underwriting Rules of Thumb Cheat-Sheet, and full financials of a real deal for you to underwrite


Module 5: Your Online & Offline Presence

Create a Professional Presence that Sets You Up for Success

Learn exactly what you need to present a strong professional appearance online and offline so brokers know you're serious from the start.


Module 6: Your Broker Credibility Package

Get the Assets You Need to Gain Instant Credibility

In this module, you learn how to conduct proper due diligence so you know all the red-flags of a bad deal and don’t inadvertently close on a money-pit. Videos include: (1) How to Use the Due Diligence Materials, (2) The Financial Audit, (3) The Unit Walk-Throughs, (4) Your Contractor’s Inspection, (5) Third-Party Reports, and (6) Wrapping Up - And What If I Find A Problem?

PLUS: Due Diligence Materials Checklist, Lease Audit Template, Walk-Through Template, Your Contractor’s Inspection Checklist, and Overall Due Diligence Process Checklist


Module 7: Reach Out to Brokers with Warm Introductions

Build Strong Relationships from the Start the RIGHT Way

Here you learn the steps to take to guarantee you can get a multifamily commercial mortgage and how to survive lender due diligence. You learn: (1) The Commercial Debt Landscape, (2) Qualifying For A Commercial Mortgage, (3) What to Expect In Lender Due Diligence, (4) Using a Mortgage Broker and Negotiating With the Lender, and (5) Finding a Balance-Sheet Partner.

PLUS: Lender Due Diligence Checklist


Module 8: Get Into the Back Room in 30 Days or Less

Get Ready to Get Your First Great Investment Opportunity

Here’s where you learn not only how to get the equity funds to close, but also how to structure deals so your investors pay you to invest their funds. Video lessons cover: (1) What You Really Need to Raise to Fund a Deal, (2) Timeline of a Syndication Deal, (3) Rules Governing Syndications, (4) Syndication Structure, (5) The Fundraising Process Before You Have a Deal, (6) Raising Funds Once You Have a Deal, (7) Syndication Tax Issues, (8) Underwriting a Syndication Deal, and (9) Managing the Syndication.

PLUS: Sample Syndication Timeline, Syndication Management Checklist, Investor Qualification Form, Investor Tracker Template AND access to a complete investor “deal room” from an actual syndication deal


You'll also get these tools to help you start - and grow- without ever second-guessing yourself

If all that wasn't enough, these bonuses are yours to keep, even if you cancel your membership.
It’s my way of saying thank you for your trust in me, and good luck with your investing career.

Bonus 1
Quick & Dirty Deal Analyzer

The MFL Syndication Underwriting Model 2.0 makes it easy to do professional financial analysis, even if you aren't good with spreadsheets. Following this easy-to-use model is your best protection against ever overpaying for a property...and you don't have to be a spreadsheet wizard to make it work for you.

Bonus 2
Letter of Intent & Due Diligence Demand

This is the actual Letter of Intent & Due Diligence Demand I use - a deal-tested LOI you can cut & paste to your own letterhead. It would cost hundreds to hire an attorney prepare this critical document for you. This is the letter I use with the due diligence demand  and some other text

Bonus 3
21-Day Guide to Building Relationships with Brokers

These comprehensive checklists ensure you'll never have to wonder what to do next. You'll never need to worry whether you missed an important step or overlooked one of the critical things new investors often miss, because the guidance is right there for you, every step of the way.

100% Backed by my "Golden Key" Guarantee

Backroom Deals™ is your golden key to unlock insider access  with brokers and profit from premium investment opportunities.

It's requires some effort on your part, for sure, and if you follow these steps and take action, I'm confident you'll be in the back room in 30 days or less.

Try it out for 30 days, do the work, and if you're anything less than 100% satisfied with with my process and your progress just send me an email and I'll happily issue a prompt refund with my best wishes and you'll keep the bonuses as my gift to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a comprehensive multifamily real estate investing program?

No.  Backroom Deals™ is specifically designed for new or struggling beginner multifamily real estate investors who want to start with their most professional foot forward and fast track their success.  Because of that, Backroom Deals™ specifically focuses on the outcome of getting you positioned to accept the best investment opportunities without wasting hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars with trial and error.

I have no experience at all.  Will this work for me?

Absolutely!  It will work if you do the work.  I created this program through my own trial and error, successes and failures, to help aspiring multifamily real estate investors to get started without struggling like I did.  This is the exact method I used when I started to close my first deals.

Why is the price so low?

One of my goals when I started Multifamily Launchpad was to create an affordable way for everyday people to get started in multifamily real estate investing without investing tens of thousands of dollars in some guru coaching program or boot camp. The pricing of this program reflects my ideals and my genuine desire to help you get started without breaking the bank.

Do you provide any one-on-one assistance?

You'll have access to my free Facebook community, and I'm there answering questions and providing guidance frequently. While there isn't any one-on-one assistance in this particular program, you'll become part of a community of like-minded multifamily real estate investors and you'll be supported throughout your endeavors.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yep!  I call it my "Golden Key" Guarantee.  Try this program for 14 days, do the work, and if you are anything less than satisfied, just shoot me an email and I'll provide a refund of your purchase price.

you don't have to guess

Get Brokers to Show You Their Best Deals...NOW

Getting started in multifamily real estate investing has NEVER been easier...or smarter!