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WATCH UNTIL 06/17/2021

WATCH UNTIL 06/17/2021

WATCH UNTIL 06/17/2021

Create YOUR Financial Freedom

Be Multifamily Deal-Ready in Just 8 Weeks

Join us for Ignition Sequence

Create a multi-family real estate investment business in 8 weeks 

with this fully guided, interactive, step-by-step program.


You'll Learn...


Get brokers’ attention and get them to show you the best deals.


My market assessment method ensures you pick the most profitable markets.


Attract investors with confidence, so you can close any deal you find.


Beat your competition in any market conditions without overpaying for properties.


Do financial analysis like a pro, so you never overpay for a property.


Understand market cycles and timing to maximize returns for your investors.


Let’s talk about what’s coming in 2021 - and how market cycles and investor psychology really work.


Connect with similarly motivated peers and join the private Facebook group to stay connected.


Find the right property manager to operate your property at a profit - and get top performance with minimal management.


Learn the single most critical factor in scaling an investment business, which I missed, to my peril, like most newbies.


Finally get off the sidelines and start doing your own multifamily real estate deals.

How it Works: Ignition Sequence at a Glance

  • A PROVEN 8-WEEK APARTMENT INVESTMENT CURRICULUM - You get lifetime access to my entire Multifamily Launchpad investing program, where I break down the process of investing in multifamily real estate, syndicating deals, and scaling a business into 11 training modules.
  • STEP-BY-STEP GUIDANCE FOR BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS – Through this program, my most guided and hands-on to date, we’ll build your business from the ground up through a logical, powerful sequence of steps based on my own investment business as well as years of working with students to build theirs.
  • WEEKLY TEAM CALLS WITH ME – We meet weekly to talk you through every step of the program, answer your questions and share personal insights from Jonathan with your peer group.
  • “DONE FOR YOU” LETTERS, CHECKLISTS AND TOOLS – My wildly popular Letter of Intent, Deal Analyzer Tool, Underwriter’s Checklist and various other “done for you” tools get you up and running rapidly.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY AND INSTANT PEER GROUP – Unlike my self-paced programs, this program takes place over an 8-week period with a group of peers who support each other and keep each other on track throughout the assignments and action items.

What Students Say About Jonathan...

Jen Brown - Engineer

Out of overwhelm and into action

"I highly recommend Jonathan’s class to anyone who felt the way I felt – confused, with so much information, but not knowing how to apply it. [Jonathan’s program] is really going to fill in all the blanks for you and will answer all your questions.”

Rusty Symes – Entrepreneur

I finally made headway with a top broker

“I’ve tried my hand at MF investing. I couldn’t get past dealing with brokers. And yes, I have taken several courses. . . . I followed your instructions to a Tee . . . [and] a top broker . . . added me to his selective buyers list. Everything you said was correct.”

Liam Barnes - Software Professional

A trusted mentor at last

“Jonathan is very truthful and honest about what the realities are of getting into your first deal…. Jonathan is a great teacher and a great mentor.”

Joe Ely - Finance Professional

Jonathan isn’t just a pro, he’s a teacher

“Jonathan is a born teacher. He loves to instruct people to share his knowledge, and he is very encouraging with us as students…. I think he genuinely wants us all to succeed.”

Meet Jonathan Twombly

Investment Educator, Syndication Pro and Creator of Ignition Sequence

I’m Jonathan, the creator of Ignition Sequence. I developed this program for apartment investment newcomers as well those who’ve started down this path but keep hitting snags. And believe me, I know those snags. I probably hit every one of them when I got started.

Now, backed by a Facebook following of over 10,000 enthusiasts, my investment training programs have helped hundreds of people go from doubts and overwhelm to finding and making smart multifamily investment deals with total confidence—and incredible results. 


I desperately needed a career change.

After a lot of confusion and upheaval, I left a high-powered, high-grind, soul-squashing life as a New York City lawyer to become a full-time multifamily real estate investor—and never looked back. After conquering a gauntlet of trials and errors, I finally built my first 404-unit portfolio, using passive investor money, in about 11 months.

The results: After fours years, I sold my portfolio and nearly doubled my investors’ money.

My journey: I made mistakes, some of which cost me serious time and money. But when the deals started to work, they really worked. That’s how I learned the tactics and strategies laid out in this program.

How I learned: In the trenches, looking for opportunities, rallying investors and trying to work with brokers who didn’t want to give me the time of day at first.

How I almost got stuck forever: Listening to a million podcasts, taking completely over-priced investment training courses from internet gurus and going down research rabbit holes online.

Why I created Ignition Sequence: It’s the straightforward, action-driven course I wish I’d had. Through this new interactive program format, I take you through everything you need to know to create a successful apartment investment business over the course of 8 weeks together. You’ll learn everything I learned the hard way—and how to avoid common setbacks—for a price that actually makes sense.

Why I teach others: Frankly, I think most real estate investment courses are over-complicated, over-priced and leave too many people feeling overwhelmed and like there’s something wrong with them. People come to me afterwards, dazed and disheartened. That stops here. 

With Ignition Sequence, I take you by the hand and give you, literally, everything you actually need to know, in a simple, logical sequence so you can build the business you want. There’s no hype and no gimmick to this. It’s an interactive program that takes you from to A to Z as an apartment investor, supporting you every step of the way as you acquire the skills you need.

I Designed Ignition Sequence for . . .

Serious students who want to:

  • Get their apartment investment business ready to roll in 8 weeks
  • Understand the entire investment process, from A to Z
  • Learn directly from an investment pro in a guided, hands-on format 
  • Move from passive to active investing
  • Be ready to thrive in the 2021/22 multi-family recovery
  • Gain an instant network of fellow students and real estate pros
  • Embrace accountability and weekly group calls with Jonathan to make this happen

Launch Your Multifamily Business with Confidence

Ignition Sequence is the complete, interactive multifamily investment
training program that gets you un-stuck and into action in 8 weeks.

I’ll be with you weekly, guiding you step by step through my most
supportive and accountability-based program in order to take you
 from zero to deal-ready on an accelerated but attainable schedule. 

What You’ll Get 

  • THE PROVEN, INDUSTRY-LEADING 8-WEEK GUIDED PROGRAM – access my popular, road-tested Multifamily LaunchPad program including:
  • 11 video modules with 60 total videos
  • Check lists for every step of creating your business
  • Unique underwriting model for every scenario imaginable: - straight buy and hold, value-add, refinance and equity take-out, loan assumptions, interest-only loans, syndicated deals with splits, non-syndicated deals, and more
  • Comprehensive Letter of Intent and other “done for you” tools
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS – enjoy access to all course materials for life—including all updates—for your own investor’s library
  • MASTERMIND SESSIONS - One Mastermind Day pass to the next Mastermind Session (worth $197)
  • SUPPORT FOR TAKING ACTION - Meaningful weekly “homework” that gets your straight into action, alongside my Deal Analyzer, key checklists and other “done for you” tools
  • MOTIVATED PEER GROUP WITH DIVERSE KNOWLEDGE BASE - Access to a private Ignition Sequence Facebook group for networking, knowledge-sharing between people of different backgrounds, more access to me and support every step of the way

In Ignition Sequence, I show you exactly how to:

Understand all the important vocabulary and concepts of Multifamily investing, so you sound like a pro from the get-go (Module 1)
Read the market cycle AND investor psychology, so you’ll know the best time to get back into the market and start buying deals (Module 2)
Select the BEST investment markets, based on real data, so you are "immune" to short-term economic fluctuations (Module 2)
Approach brokers so they can’t help but show you their best deals, even if you’re brand-new (Module 3)

Financially analyze properties with our easy-to-use analyzer, and quickly identify the money-makers (Module 4)

Win bids in any market conditions without ever deviating from conservative principles, so you never overpay for properties (Module 5)
Identify the most critical red flags in due diligence, so you never mistake a money-pit for a good deal (Module 6)

Ensure you can always qualify for a mortgage, regardless of your personal financial situation, so you can always get the money to close (Module 7)
Raise money from other investors, so you can buy properties even if you lack the downpayment yourself (Module 8)

Minimize your taxes, so you take home the most money possible from your real estate investments (Module 9)

How to find world-class property managers and manage them properly to maximize your profit. (Module 10)

Scale your investments into a true business that can support you and create a legacy of wealth for your family (Module 11)

In Ignotion Sequence, I explain everything in straightforward, plain language

I break down the most difficult investing concepts into easy-to-understand, concrete, step-by-step instructions for you to follow, so there's never any doubt about what to do next.

OUTCOME: Confidence that you can access the best deals, know exactly how much to pay for them, and obtain the money you need to close every time

Here's the Detailed Curriculum We'll Cover.

You get my full, step-by-step video course showing you everything you need to start and scale a successful multifamily real estate business.  Nothing is left out, no stone left unturned. The video course contains these 11-modules:


Module 1: Getting Started

Quickly learn everything you need to establish the foundation for successful investing, including videos on: (1) The Advantages and Disadvantages of MFRE, (2) Basic MFRE Concepts Every Investor Must Know, (3) The Timeline of an MFRE Transaction, (4) “The Basic Investment Strategies, (5) Building Your Real Estate Investment Team, (6) Hiring A Property Management Company, and (7) Thinking Like an Investor and What Gets In The Way.

PLUS: Basic MFRE Concepts Review Guide and Checklist for Hiring a Strong Management Company


Module 2: Markets

Stop guessing about the best places to invest or following dubious “Top Ten” lists and learn how the pros select the best markets. Videos include: (1) Understanding Cap Rates, (2) Understanding Market Cycles, (3) Selecting Good Markets for Investment, (4) Selecting Good Submarkets for Investment, and (5) Where to Get the Data.

PLUS: Free Data Sources list and Checklist for Choosing the Right Markets and Submarkets


Module 3: Finding Deals

Unleash the flow of great properties by learning the method that gets brokers to show you their best deals from Day 1, even if you’re new. Videos include: (1) How to Source Good Multifamily Deals, (2) Cultivating Relationships With Brokers, (3) Constructing a Good Broker Credibility Package, (4) Preliminary Due Diligence, and (5) Using Your Quick & Dirty Deal Analyzer.

PLUS: your “Quick & Dirty” Deal Analyzer, 21-Day Guide to Building Relationships with Brokers, and Checklist for Preliminary Due Diligence


Module 4: Underwriting

Remove all mystery and intimidation from the topic of financial analysis with these videos: (1) What You Need To Underwrite Deals, (2) Introduction to the MFL Syndication Underwriting Model Version 2.0, (3) Underwriting Income, (4) Underwriting Operating Expenses, (5) Underwriting Financing, Deal Expenses, and Initial Capital Expenses, (6) Making Pro Forma Projections and Exit Assumptions, (7) Scenario Planning and Stress-Testing, and (8) Over-the-Shoulder Underwriting Example from a Real Deal.

PLUS: MFL Syndication Underwriting Model v.2.0, Underwriting Rules of Thumb Cheat-Sheet, and full financials of a real deal for you to underwrite


Module 5: The Bidding Process

Learn how you can bid on and win deals in any market conditions. Lessons include: (1) Overview of the Bidding Process, (2) Should I Bid On The Deal?, (3) Strategies For a Winning Bid, (4) The Letter of Intent, and (5) The Purchase & Sale Agreement.

PLUS: Bidding Checklist and my actual Letter of Intent, with Buyer’s Due Diligence Demand, in MS Word form, so you can cut and paste to your own letterhead


Module 6: Due Diligence

In this module, you learn how to conduct proper due diligence so you know all the red-flags of a bad deal and don’t inadvertently close on a money-pit. Videos include: (1) How to Use the Due Diligence Materials, (2) The Financial Audit, (3) The Unit Walk-Throughs, (4) Your Contractor’s Inspection, (5) Third-Party Reports, and (6) Wrapping Up - And What If I Find A Problem?

PLUS: Due Diligence Materials Checklist, Lease Audit Template, Walk-Through Template, Your Contractor’s Inspection Checklist, and Overall Due Diligence Process Checklist


Module 7: Financing the Deal: Debt

Here you learn the steps to take to guarantee you can get a multifamily commercial mortgage and how to survive lender due diligence. You learn: (1) The Commercial Debt Landscape, (2) Qualifying For A Commercial Mortgage, (3) What to Expect In Lender Due Diligence, (4) Using a Mortgage Broker and Negotiating With the Lender, and (5) Finding a Balance-Sheet Partner.

PLUS: Lender Due Diligence Checklist


Module 8: Equity Finance (Syndication)

Here’s where you learn not only how to get the equity funds to close, but also how to structure deals so your investors pay you to invest their funds. Video lessons cover: (1) What You Really Need to Raise to Fund a Deal, (2) Timeline of a Syndication Deal, (3) Rules Governing Syndications, (4) Syndication Structure, (5) The Fundraising Process Before You Have a Deal, (6) Raising Funds Once You Have a Deal, (7) Syndication Tax Issues, (8) Underwriting a Syndication Deal, and (9) Managing the Syndication.

PLUS: Sample Syndication Timeline, Syndication Management Checklist, Investor Qualification Form, Investor Tracker Template AND access to a complete investor “deal room” from an actual syndication deal


Module 9: Taxation

Real estate and syndication taxation simplified! Learn how you and your investors can keep as much of the money you earn as possible. Including: (1) The Taxation Landscape for Multifamily Investors, (2) Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges, and (3) Special Tax Considerations for Syndicators.


Module 10: Closing, Takeover & Beyond

In this module, you prepare to close successfully, manage your deal for maximum profit, and sell your property. Lessons include: (1) The Closing, (2) The Transition to New Ownership, (3) Asset Management 1 - Your Role as an Asset Manager, (4) Asset Management 2 - Managing the Property Manager, (5) Asset Management 3 - Understanding the Manager’s Reports, and (6) Selling Your Property.


Module 11: Scaling Your Real Estate Business

I’m sure you don’t just want to stop at one property. Here’s how you grow a real estate empire that can support you and leave a legacy for your loved ones. Lessons include: (1) Protecting Your Assets with LLCs and Insurance, (2) Structuring Your Real Estate Business, (3) Scaling Your Real Estate Business 1 - People, (4) Scaling Your Real Estate Business 2 - Promotion, (5) Scaling Your Real Estate Business 3 - Mindset.


You'll also get these tools to help you start - and grow- without ever second-guessing yourself

Bonus 1
Complete Insider Access to an Actual Deal

Access to an entire syndication deal room from one of my actual syndication deals. This deal room shows you exactly how I market syndication deals to investors, what materials I provide them, etc. It provides a priceless inside look into the process that can literally make you wealthy.

Bonus 2
20+ Additional
Training Videos

Access to more than 20 expert interviews, tips, and trainings in addition to the basic Ignition Sequence course. These videos have never been offered outside my monthly membership program, and to get them you had to pay at least $97 a month. That’s more than $2,037 in total additional value.

Bonus 3
My Personal 
Letter of Intent

The actual Letter of Intent I use in my own deals. Like no other LOI, this seriously road-tested letter is carefully crafted to lock the seller into your position and agree to provide all critical due diligence materials before you even start negotiating the purchase contract. 

(Value: $6000)

One on One Coaching Call with Jonathan

I don’t offer one-on-one coaching (and have turned down thousands of dollars because of this) but, if you’re one of the first 20 people to join this round of Ignition Sequence, you get a one-hour, one-on-one Zoom call with me, recorded so you can refer back to it as often as you like.
This call will happen toward the end of the program so
YOU can get the greatest value from the call!

You’ll have everything you need to get your investment
business up and ready to go by the end of the program!

Build Your Business and Your Professional Network with a Program that’s

  • Hands on and action-oriented
  • Accessible for people with full-time jobs
  • Do-able in 2 to 3 hour/week
  • A strong community - completed with a group of peers
  • Accountability-driven

The Details...

  • Cart closes June 17 at midnight Pacific
  • First 10 paid-in-full to people to sign up will get a bonus one-hour call with Jonathan.
  • Total value of this program plus 7 calls with Jonathan, plus materials and Mastermind sessions: over $8,037.
  • What you’ll actually pay:  $1,997 or three payments of $797 

The No Risk Test Drive – See if You Like It

Though this program is a steal compared to other investment courses, it’s still a substantial amount of money. I want you to join us only if it’s right for you and I don’t want you to worry or take any leaps of faith.

So access the first two modules and attend the first live call. If you decide the program isn’t what you need right now, then just let me know within 72 hours of that second call, and I’ll gladly refund your money. No hassles, no hard feelings. No questions asked.

Don’t miss out on Ignition Sequence, my most interactive program. Get the information and implementation you need to jumpstart your multifamily real estate investing career and be deal-ready in just 90 days.

Promising signs of an approaching economic recovery could lead to a surge in the multifamily market by the end of 2021.

Real Estate Courses with Industry "Gurus" Disappointed Me

When I first got started, there were some real estate gurus around, and I used their materials. But usually, they were very surface level and left me with more questions than they answered.


Like many of my students, I found they:

  • Held back critical information for higher levels of membership
  • Lacked a logical sequence
  • Lacked step-by-step explanations for what I actually needed to do next
  • Left out critical information that cost me thousands of dollars
  • Glossed over the idea of work, leaning on get rich quick promises
  • Charged way, way too much
  • Weren’t even taught by their founders—just a course facilitator

I could have gone so much farther faster without the time-consuming, money-wasting rookie errors I made along the way that slowed my progress... errors that would have been avoidable if I’d only known to look out for them. But none of these pitfalls were ever addressed in any real estate book or guru program I found.

Ignition Sequence is the Program I Wish I’d Had

I’ve closed deals worth tens of millions of dollars, earning incredible returns for investors. But I had to learn a lot the hard way.

Ignition Sequence represents both the knowledge I wish I’d had and the format that would have helped me actually get into action.

This course isn’t about hype, excitement or promises of a flashy lifestyle—all used to bait people into paying too much for real estate courses. 

I’ll teach you how to find rapid success in apartment investment syndication, building financial success for yourself and the people lucky enough to invest with you. It offers what I couldn’t find:

  • Concrete, logical, action-sparking steps for every stage of the apartment business
  • Sample tools, letters and checklists that let you hit the ground running
  • Personal guidance from a pro
  • Accountability and community of peers

There are wild pipe dreams - but running
a syndication shouldn’t be one of them

An idea is a pipe dream if almost no one can do it. Buying into apartments—with investor money—shouldn’t fall into that camp. While there is a learning curve, thousands of people worldwide have figured it out.

In the beginning, will you feel like an imposter and an outsider? Probably. My hand is raised. It may feel like an epic career flop is looming. That fear of failure kept me up at night. But that’s where we all start and the way we get out of it is simple: we learn this business, step by step, and build a rock-solid foundation for success. 

That’s what Ignition Sequence is all about.

Hear Directly from Members

“The highest quality [program] you’ll find.”

Spencer Hilligoss, Co-founder of Madison Investing, Multifamily Launchpad Member

“The highest quality [program] you’ll find.”

Christina Potosnak, Realtor and Investor, Multifamily Launchpad Member

Launch Your Multifamily Business with Confidence

Enroll Today to Get

  • The full Ignition Sequence Implementation Program
  • 11 content-rich modules that make complex concepts easy to understand
  • Weekly calls - get your questions answered and gain clarity and confidence
  • A strong, engaged community of like-minded professionals so you can grow your network
  • List Element
  • The full Ignition Sequence Implementation Program
  • 11 content-rich modules that make complex concepts easy to understand
  • BONUS:
  • BONUS: 
  • BONUS: 

Total Value: $8,037

Regular Price: $2,497

Your Price Today: $1,997

(or three payments of $797)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this program teach me how to raise money for investment opportunities?

Yes, you’ll learn how to approach investors with confidence and ensure you always have funds ready when you find great opportunities.

I have no experience at all.  Will this work for me?

Absolutely!  It will work if you do the work.  I created this program through my own trial and error, successes and failures, to help aspiring multifamily real estate investors to get started without struggling like I did.  This is the exact method I used when I started to close my first deals.

I’m so-so with follow through. Will I actually get anywhere with this?

That is the whole point of this program. I developed it for people who know they want to break into this business but life keeps getting in the way. Some of you may have joined a self-guided program and tried to walk through some of the information yourself only to stop halfway through. That happens. That’s exactly why I designed this more guided, interactive and accountability-promoting program. You’ll be working directly with a peer group of students and meeting with me and the group weekly.

Do you provide any one-on-one assistance?

You'll have access to my free Facebook community, and I'm there answering questions and providing guidance frequently. While there isn't any one-on-one assistance in this particular program, you'll become part of a community of like-minded multifamily real estate investors and you'll be supported throughout your endeavors.

Will this help me get my first deal?

What is taught in this program is the method that successful syndicators follow to get their first deals. Market conditions influence how quickly you secure a first deal but the more closely you follow the program the better your chances of securing a deal rapidly.

What if I don’t know anyone in real estate?

Now you do! This course introduces you to at least one seasoned pro—me—plus a whole community of peers, some of whom have a great deal of experience in finance and other real estate investment strategies. So you’ll be building a tribe right out of the gates.

I’m not a people person. Can I still do this?

I’m an introvert too and I excel at and enjoy this field. We’ll cover how to build a business and be an introvert at the same time. The real estate industry is famous for being a people and relationship business but I’ll unpack and even debunk some of those myths.

How much time does it take to learn this?

The implementation program is 12 weeks long. You should plan on investing 2 - 5 hours/week of your time into the materials, including the weekly calls.

’m overwhelmed from reading about real estate online and listening to podcasts. Will this help?

Absolutely. I designed this to program to clear the clutter and confusion that’s rampant in the real estate education industry.

Is this a starter program? Will I need more training after this?

Nope! This program is complete and will take you by the hand to lay the foundation of your investment business. You may wish to join my Multifamily Launchpad community at the end of the program just to broaden your network and keep up the support, but it’s not a requirement.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, there is. I want this program to be right for you. Watch the first two modules and join the first two calls risk-free. If you feel the program isn’t right for you after that, just let me know within 72 hours of that second call, and you will get a full refund. No hard feelings and no questions asked.

Have Your Business Up Fast in the New Year

We won’t offer this course again until summer 2021 so don’t wait too long and regret it. With just 2 to 3 hours per week, you can learn everything you need to know to launch your business and be deal-ready in the new year. Join us for this great introductory rate. 

Remember that you can try the program and decide. If it’s not for you, no worries. But the worst thing to do is nothing - making no decision at all. So keep after it and keep moving closer to your financial freedom and personal path to success. I'm carrying all the risk here

Before you do nothing and keep hanging out asking Google for the right answers, think carefully about what it's costing you to stay stuck. How much of your life are you spending right now trading hours for dollars? 

If you decide the most powerful next step for you is to join Ignition Sequence and allow me to guide you toward your goal, then now is the time. I’ll see you on the inside to get your business rolling.